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DuskWolf is a game engine thing I'm working on, and hope to use to make games with in the future. At the moment it's still in development, however you can see some examples of the current code displaying a platformer or a turn based strategy game.

Essentially the engine consists of a number of libraries or modules or whatever you want to call them that you can join together to make a game. This includes:

  • A script import system that can load JS files in an appropriate order to resolve dependencies.
  • A canvas widget-based UI system.
  • A "room" system that allows you to load rooms from JS files when needed, and transition between them.
  • Entities, which can exist in these rooms and interact with other entities and the walls of the room according to a specified behaviour.
  • A loading and saving system that allows you to customise what to save and where to save it to.
  • A configurable control system that allows the user to easily rebind their controls.
  • A scripting system, allowing you to write asyncronous scripts (guy walks to left, says something, someone else says something different, battle starts).
  • Items and RPG-Style stats systems which allow a great deal of control over them.