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This page details what personal information is collected and what is done with it.
When you leave a comment you provide both a name and a comment body. Both of these will be made public (if your comment is approved) on the page on which you commented. If you wish to remove a comment, please email and explain your situation.
Google Analytics is used on this site to collect anonymous usage information about your system (such as screen resolution, browser information, what pages you visit and in what order, and so on). You can opt out of this on all websites that use this system using this browser extension.
Google Adsense is used on this site. This service uses cookes (explained below) to display adverts tailored to your browsing history. You can opt out of this from Google's Ads Settings page, although adverts will still be displayed.
Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores for the website. Cookies are used on this site for the following purposes:
  • Google Analytics uses cookies to track which pages you have visited and in what order.
  • Google Adsense uses cookies to decide what adverts to display to you.
  • A cookie is set when you visit the site, and is used for security reasons to ensure nobody can take actions on your behalf.
In addition, when you acknowledge the notification saying that you accept cookies this is remembered by your device. It will not be sent to anyone else.
The demos of DuskWolf may save data to your system when you save a game. This information is not sent anywhere else either.
Whenever you view a page, an entry may be added to a log file with the page you visited, the current time and your IP address (a unique number linked to your ISP and device), and which site directed you to the page you are viewing.
All information you provide is stored on a server operated by Linode. Steps have been taken to make this server secure. In the event of a security breach, reasonable steps will be taken to mitigate the damage and notify any user whose data has been compromised.
The terms of this privacy policy may change at any time.